Planning Review: Volume 22 Issue 5


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The new strategic leadership: Driving change. getting results!

Bernard C. Reimann

The provocative theme of this year's Planning Forum conference was: “The New Strategic Leadership: Driving Change, Getting Results!” Leadership may be the only management…

Rethinking vision and mission

The following exchange of opinions was condensed from the “Dilemmas of Planning” session, chaired by Dan Simpson, Director of Strategy and Planning, The Clorox Company…

Visionary planning for a compassionate era

Robert Theobald

“May you live in interesting times” goes an old Chinese curse. As you contemplate the times in which we live, expand your thinking beyond business. Remember that you have…

Devising a balanced scorecard matched to business strategy

Robert S. Kaplan

Why do companies need a new scorecard to measure performance? Why aren't time‐honored financial measures sufficient? The answer is that in today's ultra‐competitive…


Managing the management tools

Darrell K. Rigby

Hoping to find a potent formula for performance improvement, executives have invested heavily in new management tools and techniques in recent years. But there has been no…

Driving change at Bell Atlantic

Raymond W. Smith

Bell Atlantic has been virtually a laboratory for the development of business strategies and new approaches to cultural change since it became independent of AT&T. Today…

Building a learning organization at Coopers & Lybrand

Judith Rosenblum, Reed A. Keller

C&L took on the mission of building a learning organization as the result of a strategic process that we went through about two and a half years ago. We identified…

Collaborative strategic thinking

David A. Nadler

During this past decade, we've done a lot of work with teams of people to help them think strategically, using an approach we call “collaborative strategy,” or “strategic…

Learning the unwritten rules of organizational change

Peter Scott‐Morgan

There's a conspiracy of silence about the failure rate of major managerial change initiatives. Three‐quarters of the initiatives—reputable programs to manage quality…

Leadership practices in marketing

Abrain I. Bluestein

What are the cutting edge leadership practices in marketing today, and how do they differ from what your company is doing? In order to analyze how the most successful…

Inspiring and implementing the innovation mind‐set

Thomas Kuezmarski

Companies attempting to regenerate themselves through the introduction of successful new products must first instill an innovation mind‐set in their management. This is a…

Gary Hamel: How to compete for the future

Bernard C. Reimann

More of Professor Gary Hamel's thought‐provoking analysis appears in his long‐awaited book written with Professor C. K. Prahalad, Competing for the Future: Breakthrough…



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