Planning Review: Volume 22 Issue 1


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Super Bakery Inc.: Innovating in a mature market is not just a piece of cake

Bruce L. Darling, Tim R.V. Davis

Super Bakery managers formulated breakthrough strategies for entering the mature institutional food market. Owned by football legend Franco Harris, this dynamic little…


Building business capabilities is the key to strategic execution

James C. Hendrickson

Super Bakery's competitive success stemmed from its ability to identify and build organizational capabilities—a combination of people and how they operate—that best…

SPX adopts a strategy, quality, value model

Dale Johnson, Dennis Smith, Ron Smith

To provide a framework for corporate and divisional planning and operation decisions, SPX Corporation, a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, has developed an elegantly…

Using electronic meeting systems for collaborative planning at IBM Rochester

Steve Gessner, Mark McNeilly, Bill Leskee

We all could make a list of what's wrong with most meetings. What's said doesn't reflect what people are thinking. People with good ideas don't get heard. Contradicting…

Calculating the value of reengineering at Pacific Bell

Thomas J. Housel, Arthur H. Bell, Valery Kanevsky

Pacific Bell has pioneered the development of a unique concept for computing the amount of value added by a given component business process before and after process…

Strategic facilities planning

E.J. Kovac, R.A. Thompson

Bellcore, a large telecommunications engineering consortium, used several methodological innovations to develop a long‐range strategic facilities plan that has also proved…

Advia™: Planning and decision support for smaller businesses

John W. Sterling, Angela Stubblefield

As part of our series of software tests by practicing managers, we asked a consulting firm that has thoughtfully reviewed several products for us to try out Advia, a…



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