Planning Review: Volume 21 Issue 6


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How to manage the management tools

Darrell K. Rigby

These days, the first order of business at many firms seems to be learning new management tools and techniques, not creating profitable customers. The employees at many…


Stan Davis: Exploring the dimensions of opportunity

Robert M. Randall

Stan Davis, the inventor of new ways of looking at practically everything in sight, is the author of the thought‐provoking books Future Perfect and with co‐author Bill…

A planning forum conference presentation: M's sophisticated formula for teamwork

Michael K. Allio

Though your action team may be composed of your company's executive tigers, don't try to run it with a whip and a chair. As 3M found, it takes a non‐traditional management…

Applying information technology to reengineering

Tim R. Furey, Jennifer L. Garlitz, Michael L. Kelleher

Information technology (IT) makes business process reengineering possible—and makes it worthwhile. For example, PC and network technologies facilitate simplified…

How benchmarking can improve business reengineering

Theodor Richman, Charles Koontz

Many managers consider business reengineering and benchmarking as separate avenues to be pursued. However, Xerox manager Theodor Richman tells how to marry the two…

New concepts drive transnational strategic alliances

Philip F. Banks, Jack Baranson

Innovative companies in the U.S., Mexico, and the Pacific Rim are experimenting with a new type of transnational strategic alliance (TSA). By sharing complementary…

Political risk analysis: Mexico along‐term pro‐investment forecast

William D. Coplin, Michael K. O'Leary

The most promising aspect of Mexico's long‐term business outlook is for a stable, improving relationship with international investors. Here's a guide to the rough spots in…



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