Planning Review: Volume 21 Issue 5


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Reenacting the corporation

John Seely Brown, Elise Walton

The following keynote presenters shared their views on organizational change through a dialogue format. We have preserved this format in the summary of their presentation…

Changing the rules of the game

F. Kenneth Iverson

Nucor is a manufacturer of steel and steel products. We operate seven steel mills and are the sixth largest steel company in the U.S. Of those six companies, we happen to…

Managing the intelligent enterprise: Knowledge & service‐based strategies

James Brian Quinn

Contrary to popular belief, the United States never has been dominantly a manufacturing country. More people have always been employed in the service sector. They now…

Strategic planning: The engine of change

Christopher Gebelein

Inland Steel Industries is a $3.5 billion corporation with two main businesses. The Inland Materials Distribution Group (IMDG) is essentially a combination of a metals…

Making the right choices for the new consumer

Michael S. Dell

In the early 1980s, when the PC business first got started, I realized that the distribution system for computers was very inefficient. Computer stores charged a 25–30…

Making mass customization happen: Strategies for the new competitive realities

B. Joseph Pine

For better or worse, the business world of today is vastly different than it was a decade ago or even just a few years ago. The amount of uncertainty, instability, and…


Customer‐driven strategies: Moving from talk to action

Thomas C. Keiser, Douglas A. Smith

For their presentation, Tom Keiser and Doug Smith discussed the problems many companies encounter in implementing customer‐driven quality programs. The format of this…

Implementing strategy: Developing a partnership for change

Russell A. Eisenstat

The process described in Russell Eisenstat's presentation was developed by Eisenstat and Michael Beer in partnership with Becton Dickinson, a $2.5 billion medical…

The strategic human resource management process in practice

James R. Wessel

Becton Dickinson (BD) is a $2.5 billion medical technology company. Our primary product lines are disposable medical devices such as syringes, needles and scalpels. The…

Designing process‐based organizations

Ellen R. Hart

Every organization seeking to improve its competitive ability must evaluate the core business processes that deliver value to customers and the change processes needed to…

Flexible, integrated operations: The new Japanese challenge

William Best

Many Japanese companies are experiencing declines in profitability because of a labor shortage, rising interest rates, Japan's aging population and the restraints of the…

Strategic management of costs

George Hosking

Cost is often the most mysterious area of business. Rather than viewing cost as an existing monolith, management must instead see it as a consciously chosen investment…

Creativity is your business too!

Dennis F. Hightower

Creativity can be one of the key drivers in business today. At the Walt Disney Company, creativity is not just a tool or a technique to increase productivity; it is the…




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