Planning Review: Volume 21 Issue 2


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A Methodology for reengineering businesses

D. Brian Harrison, Maurice D. Pratt

Business process redesign, practiced in a wide range of industries, is uncovering new ways to organize work that, in turn, are creating breakthrough improvements. The…

The rules for managing cross‐functional reengineering teams

Jon R. Katzenbach, Douglas K. Smith

The survival of many organizations depends on teams capable of engendering superior innovation in business processes. Successful teams always have two things in common…


Reengineering one firm's product development and another's service delivery

Robert S. Buday

Several years ago Hallmark elected to reengineer its most critical business processes. One new product project grouped people together who had been previously separated by…

A California Auto Club reengineers customer service

CSAA customers are getting much better service and the company is cutting costs with its ongoing reengineering effort.

A six‐step guide to process reengineering

Timothy R. Furey

This model integrates proven management tools such as Total Quality Management, benchmarking, customer‐satisfaction measurement, and cross‐functional team building into an…

The secret history of process reengineering

Darrell Rigby

Some consultants are selling process reengineering as if it were a spanking new discovery. It isn't. And managers who assume that it is, and innocently go where they…

Dreaming and doing: Reengineering GTE telephone operations

David P. Allen, Robert Nafius

During one of the largest process reengineering projects ever undertaken, GTE Telephone Operations management was stunned to learn that administrative bureaucracy was…

Business Insights™: An expert system for strategic analysis

Mark McNeilly, Steve Gessner

Business Insights is a $500 expert system for strategic analysis that won the respect of the managers who tested it for us. By combining both qualitative and quantitative…

Strategic planning for alternative futures

Suren S. Singhvi

“ACE, Inc.,” a highly leveraged manufacturing company saw profits fading in 1990. Pressed by the board of directors, ACE's CEO submitted the firm's first formal five‐year…

Philosophers of the strategic renaissance

Bernard C. Reimann

This first Report in our two‐part coverage of The Strategic Management Society's annual meeting is devoted to three prominent conceptualizers—Richard Pascale, Gary Hamel…



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