Planning Review: Volume 20 Issue 6


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A successful approach to segmenting industrial markets

Thomas S. Robertson, Howard Barich

Recently, working on a project for a leading U.S. industrial firm, the authors identified a highly effective market segmentation approach. The key is segmenting customers…

Six pathways to marketing innovation

Allan J. Magrath

A company must decide not only which pathway of innovation to pursue but apply talented, focused management to the problem of maximizing the yield from its innovation.

The value‐added analysis: A Seventh pathway to marketing innovation

James M. Higgins

The desired result of all strategic marketing efforts is to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage for the business. To do so, many strategists now agree that the firm…

Logitech: The mouse that roared

Vijay K. Jolly, Kimberly A. Bechler

Logitech is a thriving example of that phenomenon of the communications revolution—a small, fast‐reacting, global firm. Logitech's multinational founders won the lion's…

Logitech commentary

Allan J. Magrath

Logitech has a management capability that a great many large companies would envy—intense linked communications, the ability to make decisions rapidly, lots of teams, a…

The commercial prospects for Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Republics

William D. Coplin, Michael K. O'Leary

The 24 countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Republics offer international business an intriguing variety of business opportunities. However, the international…

Baldrige winners link quality, strategy, and financial management

Tim R.V. Davis

The Fifth Annual Total Quality Conference presented this Spring by the Unified Technologies Center of Cleveland featured some of the most influential contributors to the…

Logitech case commentary

Alistair Davidson

Logitech has succeeded in the expensive and difficult process of establishing a global brand. In high‐tech markets, product lines change and evolve rapidly, but the brand…



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