Planning Review: Volume 20 Issue 5


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Coping with a changing agenda

R. Christopher Taylor

Today, business competition is like a duck shoot at twilight; you can barely see the target, which keeps moving and changing its profile, and you lose if you fail to hit…

Leadership's challenge: The new agenda for the '90s

James R. Houghton

Creating a new agenda to return American businesses to the fore‐front of worldwide competition requires nothing less than the reinvention of the corporation and a new…

The power of missions: Aligning strategy and culture

Andrew Campbell

Mission statements by themselves are of very little value. Some companies have good mission statements, but their management teams often lack a sense of purpose. In other…


Warren Bennis on rebuilding leadership

Marilyn Norris

Successful leaders of the future will be very different from those who have succeeded in the past. In his keynote address to The Planning Forum's International Conference…

Kissinger discusses the problems of success in a new world order

R. Christopher Taylor

“If you compare what American leaders said in the 1940s and 1950s about our national ambitions, it corresponds almost totally with what happened between 1989 and 1991,”…

Using total quality to put strategic intent into motion

Larry A. Huston

The '90s will be the decade of the business leader who can a) define one or two key competitive themes for the organization's payoff, and b) effectively focus scarce…

Process improvement and management: A tool for strategy implementation

Alan P. Brache

It is more important for an organization to be cross‐functionally excellent than functionally excellent. If an organization wants to implement strategy, it must examine…

Time‐based competition and beyond: Competing on capabilities

George Stalk

Strategies of the past and the present have been based on structural advantages — e.g., products and markets, geography and cost, technologies. These patterns explain much…


Speed and strategic choices accelerating decision‐making

Kathleen M. Eisenhardt

When was the last time you had enough information and enough time to make the kind of careful, clear, well‐thought‐out decision you would have liked to make? For most…

Re‐perceiving the future through the lens of the past

Peter Schwartz

Today we find ourselves in an environment where we are constantly caught by surprise. Sometimes we miss profound opportunities because we fail to see them — and they are…

2020 Vision

Christopher Meyer

Why have the competitive rules changed — why have time and capabilities become the basis of competition? What are companies doing, specifically, to win in the new…

Corporate turnarounds: From textbook to the trenches

Ann F. Monroe

Many organizations can benefit from a turnaround mentality even if their balance sheet shows a turnaround in the cost sense is unnecessary. A turnaround mentality can…

The new power of strategic alliances

Jordan D. Lewis

Many people think strategic alliances are another quick‐fix management toy that will soon be put away in the executive closet. That is far from the truth. A strategic…

Continuous learning about markets

George S. Day

When talking about continuous learning organizations, the word “continuous” bears emphasis. “Continuous” is used in the sense that one does not conduct a single study at a…

Marketing's new paradigms: What's really happening out there

Philip Kotler

Marketing has been defined by some as the art of getting and keeping customers. Much of marketing has been cast around the “getting” problem. We have neglected the…


Corporate leadership in manufacturing

James B. King

What does corporate leadership in manufacturing mean? Where does leadership start? What I want to discuss is the process by which we can link strategic planning with…

The dangers of death‐wish marketing

Kevin J. Clancy

Marketing practices are generally unhealthy. Reports of marketing success are wildly and widely exaggerated. Indeed, marketing efforts and practices rarely succeed if one…

Building brand equity at the Clorox company

Jack Robertson

I want to share some concrete tips on how organizations can build and manage brand equities — particularly, how we do so at Clorox. My focus is primarily on packaged…



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