Planning Review: Volume 20 Issue 4


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Quality comes first when hatching power brands

Bradley T. Gale

Power brands like Perdue Farm's Oven Staffer chickens and Gillette's Sensor razor achieve superior profitability by convincing customers that they offer superior quality…

It's better to fly a new product simulator than crash the real thing

Kevin J. Clancy, Robert S. Shulman

Managers can improve the likelihood of new product success with simulated test market (STM) research and software programs. It's a way of getting the had news in the…

Consumer schizophrenia: Extremism in the marketplace

Brian E. Kardon

There's an important new pattern in buyer choice processes: consumer schizophrenia. Consumers are making decisions on what to put in their shopping carts based on mutually…

Screening potential new products

Thomas D. Kuczmarski

A sophisticated screening system can focus the energies of the company on creating and developing products and services that will have greater likelihood of success.

How to focus marketing intelligence to serve strategy

Per V. Jenster, David Hover

This flavor industry case takes a clinical look at a global firm's complex marketing research practices. The reader's job: Find the set of opportunities that constitute a…

The 1992 strategic management conference: The new agenda for corporate leadership

Bernard C. Reimann

Appearing at The Planning Forum's 1992 International Conference, was a “faculty” that included many of America's most respected strategic thinkers. They urged attendees to…



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