Planning Review: Volume 19 Issue 4


Table of contents

The changing structure of European industries: Identifying and assessing opportunities

Philip F. Banks, Liam Fahey

Here's a framework that facilitates the analysis of opportunities and threats within individual industries in the new European marketplace.

Logistics strategies for Europe in the nineties

David Bovet

Companies with an effective logistics strategy can find significant opportunities in the new European landscape.

Japanese positioning for post‐1992 Europe

Achim A. Stoehr

Japanese strategy for Europe: Scrap the “Made in Japan” approach, pursue serious industrial investment, introduce technology, and apply it locally.

Business intelligence and the new Europe

Virginia F. O'Brien, Leonard M. Fuld

Firms must constantly monitor and assess the emerging European market, the players, and the instruments and forces of change.

Creating the Single Market: The Legislative Agenda

Gerhard Hitzler

Here's your manual for keeping track of new regulations that might affect your market.

“Zestwear, Inc.” seeks a European partner

H. William Ebeling, Erica Smith

During the fall of 1990, “Zestwear, Inc.,” a well‐known U.S. apparel manufacturer decided to develop a strategy to enter the European market with existing product lines…



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