Planning Review: Volume 18 Issue 1


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Redesign your organization for time‐based management

George Stalk, Thomas M. Hout

“To become a time‐based company, management has to learn to think as an integrated system—a linked chain of operations and decision points that continuously delivers what…

Why you need a service strategy

William H. Davidow, Bro Uttal

“In all industries, when competitors are roughly matched, those that stress customer service will win.”

When giants learn cooperative strategies

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

“Cooperative strategies—pooling, allying, and linking—pose the greatest new opportunities and challenges for the 90s.”

The case for nonspecialized diversification

Milton Leontiades

Professor Milton Leontiades teasingly reminds us of Thomas Huxley's quip about tragedy in science being the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact. One of the…

Taking creative leaps

James F. Bandrowski

“The creative leap is achieved by imagining idealistic solutions first, then thinking logically backward to solve the problem in the reverse direction.”

Implementing the vision: The lessons learned

Benjamin B. Tregoe, John W. Zimmerman, Ronald A. Smith, Peter M. Tobia

Field‐tested advice on coping with the common challenges facing companies attempting to develop a winning strategy.



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