Planning Review: Volume 17 Issue 3


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The largest survey of “leading‐edge” competitor intelligence managers

John E. Prescott, Daniel C. Smith

If you need to improve the quality of your competitive analysis effort, this benchmark survey of the most “professional” practitioners of the art of intelligence will…

The practical analyst: Conley of Honeywell

Managers who need information are “clients.” The analysis package is a “product.” So, if the information product needs to be packaged in eight formats, the practical…

Cost benchmarking functions in the value chain

Robert M. Fifer

First, the theory of benchmarking competitor functions is outlined. Then, three cases show how benchmarking a competitor's value chain can determine your company's…

Benchmarking the entire cost chain

In 1986, a mid‐sized manufacturer of building materials (“Company A”) was just completing a major new renovation of an old production facility. As the new facility came on…

Profiling your competitors

Emilio Cvitkovic

Performance profiles of your competitors are a graphic means of communicating strategic issues that competitive intelligence uncovers.

Inventive packaging corporation

William T. Busby

Emerson said, “Build dream castles in the air, but put rock solid foundations under them.” This company's management was so deluded by the mirage of limitless potential…

The search for intelligence on divisions and subsidiaries

Leila K. Kight

In her commentary on the preceding case (IPC), this author shows how to collect competitive intelligence on hard‐to‐track business units hidden within large corporations.

International competitor analysis

Diane J. Garsombke

It's not prudent to venture into international markets without learning how to gather local competitive intelligence. But you can start your analysis project without…



Warren Briggs

This thorough field research report and reference guide by Bruce Rubinger of Global Competitiveness Council, One Devonshire Place, Boston, MA 02109, is an excellent…



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