Planning Review: Volume 17 Issue 2


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Market perceived quality: Key strategic concept

Bradley T. Gale, Robert D. Buzzell

Most managers equate “quality” just with conformance to technical standards. The more powerful strategic weapon is market perceived quality. Here's how to measure it and…

From “future perfect”: Mass customizing

Stanley M. Davis

Mass customizing is more than an intriguing oxymoron. It's one of the most provocative new ideas in marketing and could instigate changes in the way companies organize and plan.


Formulating global strategy

Robert J. Allio

A crystalization of the author's 20 years of corporate planning experience, this is a “how to” book for line managers with planning responsibility and for CEOs who want to…

Sustaining the competitive advantage

Bernard C. Reimann

We continue to be intrigued by the number of managers we meet who haven't read Michael Porter's book Competitive Advantage. For them and practitioners on the corporate…


“Getting value from strategic planning”: The conference board's 1989 strategic planning conference

Bernard C. Reimann

Last year's conference focused on the some of the ways in which corporate planning experts can add value to their line organizations. The theme was so well received that…



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