Planning Review: Volume 16 Issue 3


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The real drivers of strategy

Worth Loomis

To get the full power of the corporation driving your strategy, it has to be integrated into the company culture. This sounds like an abstract idea, but it isn't. To…


David I. Goldenberg

Your leadership is needed to help strategic managers develop professional insight and critical judgment to replace unseemingly and/or desperate enthusiasm for unproven or…

From dance to deal: The white consolidated takeover

Ronald G. Fountain

It was in a bar in Cologne, Germany, on the night of February 4, 1986, that I first heard the rumor that my Cleveland‐based appliance company was the target of a takeover…

The Rapidly Growing Pump Company: Marketing for competitive advantage

Thomas C. Jones, George R. Seiler

The Rapidly Growing Pump Company (RGP) is a strong performer in the equipment business. It is a subsidiary of a fast‐track Fortune 500 company, one that emphasizes growth…

Variance analysis in a service business

John Talbott, Lori Brack, John Lee

Small businesses, especially those engaged in providing services, usually employ some type of static budget to serve as a mechanism for evaluating the results of their…

“Getting Value from Strategic Planning”: The conference board's 1988 Strategic Planning Conference

Bernard C. Reimann

There were a lot of eager customers at the Conference Board's annual strategic planning conference in March. Many of us had just read Walter Kiechel's Fortune article…



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