Planning Review: Volume 15 Issue 5


Table of contents

Demystifying competitive analysis

Daniel C. Smith, John E. Prescott

The value of competitive intelligence is recognized by everyone from CEOs to line managers. However, very few firms actively link their planning process with their…

Practical competitor intelligence

Barbie E. Keiser

Many companies do their competitor analysis and intelligence work piece‐meal and ad hoc. Worse, this critical data is often gathered by untrained managers who have not…

Hidden sector competitor analysis

Zane N. Markowitz

Understanding competitors at the business unit level is the key to successful corporate strategy. As Michael Porter put it in the May‐June, 1987, Harvard Business Review

Benchmarking: The key to developing competitive advantage in mature markets

Timothy R. Furey

Many U. S. businesses face slower economic growth, increased foreign competition, and customers who are increasingly sensitive to price. As a result, a brilliant strategy…

Reverse engineering a service product

Robert E. Scbmid

The ability to use a competitor's product as a benchmark for measuring the design efficiency, marketability, and cost effectiveness of one's own product has made “reverse…

Shadowing markets: A new competitive intelligence technique

Carolyn M. Vella, John J. McGonagle

Shadowing markets is a new technique used in competitive intelligence that owes its name to the British political concept of the “shadow cabinet,” which is formed by the…



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