Planning Review: Volume 15 Issue 4


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Inquest for International Harvester

Norman Gross

Let me start out by describing my relationship with International Harvester—so my biases will be clear. In 1972, I directed a review of the business planning procedures at…

Exxon'S “Office of the Future” FIASCO

Robert M. Donnelly

I am assuming Exxon had a plan when it decided to diversify into the “Office of the Future.” I fear, although all of my research has yet to prove it, that the concept of…

A line manager's handy guide to profit‐oriented financial planning and accounting techniques

Michael D. Everett

As a line manager immersed in the details of a specific product line or process, you may find yourself thrust into a planning role and asked to make strategic decisions…

Replacing management's crystal ball with a spreadsheet program

Ann P. Janosko, Oscar W. Jensen

As soon as the words “planning” and “control” are mentioned, the word “forecasting” is sure to follow. Next come several important questions: Should forecasting be the…

Mission statements

Russel L. Ackoff

Most corporate mission statements are worthless. They consist largely of pious platitudes such as: “We will hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and…


Organizational philosophy and mission statements

Lloyd L. Byars, Thomas C. Neil

Strategic planning is concerned with defining an organization's philosophy and mission, establishing long‐ and short‐range objectives to achieve that mission, and…


Combining strategies pays off fast, even in turbulent markets

Claudia Bird Schoonhoven

Is strategic decision making practiced by fast‐changing U.S. high‐technology corporations? If it is, what impact is it having on financial performance? These…



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