Planning Review: Volume 15 Issue 3


Table of contents

The logic of restructuring

John G. Main, John Thackray

Ten years ago, restructuring generally meant recapitalizations and workouts of companies on the ropes. Today, it is a new phenomenon—omnipresent, unstable, and in…

The New Union Carbide: Some assembly required, batteries not included

Robert D. Kennedy

Given the experiences of Union Carbide in the past few years, I'm close to becoming a planning agnostic. I've decided the future is unknown and unknowable. I'm somewhere…

The CEO's change agenda

Lawrence A. Bennigson, Howard Swartz

CEOs increasingly face the need to foster radical change in their organizations. The makeover may require them to invent a culture that is pervasive, comprehensive, and…

Future mapping: A new approach to managing strategic uncertainty

David H. Mason, Robert G. Wilson

We must expect the future to surprise us. Our worst pratfalls occur when we become overly proud of our ability to manage the future. Just when we finally learn to live…

Nailing down a future for a small wood‐products business

R. Henry Migliore, Ronald C. Ringness

Liberty Industries was founded in 1964 by its current President and Chairman of the Board, Charles E. Trebilcock. It began as a small industrial wholesale lumber firm…

A faulty speedometer is no excuse

Howard Martin

The Mobay Corporation is the largest subsidiary of Bayer, AG, of West Germany. Mobay manufactures polyurethane raw materials, plastics, agricultural chemicals, colorants…



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