Planning Review: Volume 14 Issue 4


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Implementing value‐based strategic management

Bernard C. Reimann

Most top executives of major public corporations insist that they manage their firms in the best interests of their share‐holders. In fact, during the carefree Fifties and…

J oint ventures: Linking for a leap forward

Kathryn Rudie Harrigan

In today's global business environment of scarce resources, rapid rates of technological change, and rising capital requirements, the important question is no longer…

Joint venture: A new information system is born

Peter P. Pekar

Joint ventures and cooperative arrangements offer a way for planners' strategic reach to match their grasp in the 1980s. Recognizing the forces of change at work in the…

Chaparral Steel Company: A winner in a market decimated by imports

Richard T. Jaffre

The Chaparral Steel Company produces construction steels. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Texas Industries, a Dallas‐based, NYSE‐traded enterprise, whose other…

Turnaround: Supermarketers of Canada

Irving Ludmer

Webster's defines a turnaround as a reversal of one's course, attitude, position, or policy. While such a definition accounts for the key elements of a turnaround, it…

A simplified guide to capital investment risk analysis

Michael D. Everett

What's the best way to evaluate and select projects with uncertain returns? Do you simply rely on the best estimate of profits or expected values to guide you to the…



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