Planning Review: Volume 14 Issue 3


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Forecasting: The myth of control

Donald N. Michael

Many managers are disillusioned by the dismal record of their strategic and financial planners in forecasting even the near future. And trustworthy futurist gurus are…

Fortune 500 dropouts

William L. Shanklin

Hercules Powder. Liebmann Breweries. These companies, and over 250 others that appeared on the very first Fortune 500 list in 1955, have vanished from the front ranks of…

Competitive strategies for high‐wage industries

Glenn T. Wilson

Over the past decade, union power has pushed the steel, automobile, meat‐packing, machinery, and transportation industries into paying unusually high wages. As a result…

Stakeholder analysis for effective issues management

Edith Weiner, Arnold Brown

For years the pharmaceutical industry has been aware of public sentiment against the use of animals for testing and experimentation. Most companies assumed that they were…

Managing to make business unit strategies work

Christopher K. Bart, Roderick E. White

How should diversified, multibusiness companies organize to implement the many different business strategies their organizations require? Twenty years ago the answer to…

Post‐completion review for capital projects

Surendra S. Singhvi

Business executives tend to base capital investment projects on forecast data. However, forecasts seldom come true. Some firms use a preapproval audit technique to improve…

Succession planning

Leo Tolstoy

A raven built his nest on an island, and when his young were hatched he began carrying them from the island to the mainland. He took the first one up in his claws and flew…




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