Planning Review: Volume 13 Issue 6


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Creating strategies of innovation

Peter Drucker

Planning a strategy of innovation is the sine qua non of a corporation's success, according to Peter Drucker. Here, he describes three major successful strategies of…


Dart & Kraft: From merger to strategic management

Warren L. Batts

On September 25, 1980, Kraft, Inc., and Dart Industries Inc. merged to form Dart and Kraft. At the time, it was one of the largest mergers in U.S. history.

Industrial product life cycle analysis

Tracy K. Short

Market, product, and organizational dynamics can be explained, in both quantitative and qualitative terms by a product life cycle graph. This analysis can provide an…


Alternative managerial responses to ethical dilemmas

Richard P. Nielsen

What can and should we do as managers when our sense of personal morality is at odds with our organization's strategic thrust? There are essentially seven types of…

Government foresight: An investment for the future

Albert Gore

The federal government is the only entity I know of that thinks it's wise to spend tomorrow's money today to solve the problems of yesterday. We end up with the worst of…

China: The risks of modernization

William D. Coplin, Michael K. O'Leary

China is second only to the Soviet Union and Canada in land area, but its mountains, steep hills, cold plateaus, and deserts greatly limit the amount of arable land. Most…



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