Planning Review: Volume 12 Issue 6


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Flying anything door to door

This interview with John C. Emery, Jr., CEO of Emery Air Freight, is part of a series designed to reveal the planning style of industry leaders. The engaging, ebullient…

Merrill Lynch faces a new world bravely

Melvin B. Taub

Despite the blurring of many distinctions among financial institutions, there are, in fact, financial services “industries” and sub‐industries. And there are also…

The winning performance of midsized growth companies

Donald K. Clifford, Richard E. Cavanagh

This two‐year inquiry was commissioned by the American Business Conference (ABC) and conducted by McKinsey & Company, Inc., to explain how and why certain midsized growth…

Profitable divesting

William Copulsky

The management of a diversified corporation needs to be able to recognize new opportunities for profitable growth. And it also needs to know when one of its businesses is…

Tailoring incentive systems to a strategic context

Balaji S. Chakravarthy, Edward J. Zajac

The choice of proper incentives is a critical step in designing strategic planning systems. Incentives should integrate the behavior and action of managers with the…

Is Marcos vulnerable? Analysis of regime stability in the Philippines

Daniel Druckman, Justin Green

The following report on political risk in the Phillippines is an abbreviated version of a detailed study. The full report presents the theoretical underpinnings for the…



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