Planning Review: Volume 12 Issue 2


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How Gulf Oil deals with uncertainty

Ann D. Gross

THE three paramount goals that govern the overall planning process at Gulf Oil Corporation are:

Who will be harmed by de‐industrialization?

Leon Taub

The de‐industrialization of the United States has been foretold by many prophets of gloom. It is true that in the past three years the economy has dramatically shifted…

Predicting unitary tax legislation: A case study of political analysis

William D. Coplin, Michael K. O'Leary

In the November 1983 issue of Planning Review, the authors suggested that corporate planners could benefit from systematic political analysis. Two of our readers accepted…

New themes in the changing policy‐planning environment

Madelyn Hochstein, Lawrence Kaagan

In the last quarter century, business planners have increasingly had to expand their grasp of economic and social issues and to deepen their knowledge of the various…

Multiple image forecasting

Alan A. Yelsey

Business forecasters are generally adept at creating the single‐scenario numerical forecasts most commonly used in corporations. However, we rarely produce a useful…

American Express: Planning in a rapidly changing environment

Carl H. Malmstrom

Anyone who has followed the general developments in the financial services industry over the past few years, and at American Express in particular, knows that extensive…

Capitalizing on information in the public domain

James W. Fella

Whats my business going to be doing in the next quarter? What market problems or opportunities will I have to face? What will the business environment be like in the…

The Melancholy Prince

Not so very long AGO, there lived a happy, joyful, carefree and complacent young prince. When he arose, the sun would follow, smiling brightly down on all the kingdom…



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