Planning Review: Volume 12 Issue 1


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Kicking the tires on chases econometric model

Anise Wallace

Critics of planning frequently complain that the profession fails to read the near‐term or long‐term future correctly. Does the answer lie in better econometric modeling…

Strategic management impotence: An advisory to chief executive officers

E. Riggs Monfort

One of the greatest frustrations you can experience as a CEO or manager is the feeling of being powerless to help your organization implement a strategy that you know is…

Planning at a lawn‐care products manufacturer

Robert M. Donnelly

WE'VE ALL READ about the classic approaches to corporate planning, but somehow, the special circumstances of our own organization seem to require unique methods. We always…

Dimensions of strategic choice

John C. Camillus, Natarajan Venkatraman

The role of environmental scanning. The key to effective strategy lies in matching a firm's capabilities with opportunities in the external environment. This gives…

Evaluating consulting proposals: The planner's role

Karen G.R. Roekard

Corporations spend more than $3 billion a year on management consultants. While they state publicly that, “the impartiality and expertise of the consultants proved to be…

Mexico's political risk: A case study

William D. Coplin, Michael K. O'Leary

Several times a year Planning Review publishes political risk analyses of major U.S. trading partners (see “Balancing Risk and Return in South Africa,” July 1983). Readers…

A rival magician

When I got back to the monastery, I found the abbot and his monks assembled in the great hall, observing with childish wonder and faith the performances of a new magician…



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