Planning Review: Volume 11 Issue 4


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A director's viewpoint: An interview with Peter G. Scotese

Raymond J. Klemmer, Charles McLaughlin

Peter G. Scotese, now chairman of the executive committee of Springs Industries, learned about planning chiefly by doing it. Successively a salesman, sales manager, and…

Reassessing technology management

John Thackray

The latest buzz word heard in boardrooms, business schools, seminars, executive conferences, lectures, and in management consultants' proposals is “technology management.”…

Balancing risk and return in South Africa: A cash study of risk analysis

William Coplin, Michael K. O'Leary

The following report on economic risk in South Africa was prepared just weeks ago by a team of analysts whose identities must be kept confidential. The team's prediction…

An electronic “Back of the Envelope” A simple model for considering financial alternatives

Mark J. Lawless

In the course of forecasting and planning, as well as evaluating business alternatives, planners ultimately have to face the overall impact of their decisions on a…

Harnessing LDC farmers to the money economy

Orville L. Freeman, Ruth Karen

By the year 2,000 the world's population will total six billion persons. They will have to coexist on a planet where resources are limited, however ingenious man's use of…



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