Planning Review: Volume 10 Issue 4


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Reaganomics, the business cycle and planning

Frederick T. Dixon

Forecasting has never been easy, but recently it has become a nightmare. The onslaught of new monetary and fiscal policy prescriptions has outrun both the economist's and…

Portfolio analysis: A planner's dilemma

Peter P. Pekar

FOR more than a decade, planners have relied on the portfolio analysis method for assessing the strategic posture of a company's individual businesses. But many top…


Planning at Bata

Thomas J. Bata

How well multinationals will perform in the 1980s depends on what extent they utilize the technological, marketing and intellectual capabilities of the countries in which…

Profile of the corporate planner updated

Gary Knisely, Stuart M. Matlins

This article is based on a survey of chief corporate planners conducted in 1981. It updates selected data included in the authors' 1979 and 1980 surveys (see Planning…

Restructuring: The impossible dream

John Thackray

A popular new strategy has appeared on the scene lately. It is called restructuring or, occasionally, redeployment. It may resemble the tried and true strategies of…

“Externalysis”: A new dimension in planning

Peter Vanderwicken

Government regulation or deregulation, a volatile economy, new social attitudes, changing foreign‐trade relationships — today these and a host of other external issues are…

The stagnation of planning may be dangerous to your strategy

Erik G. Rule

A common problem in many public and private sector organizations is the stagnation of strategic planning after four or five planning cycles. At this stage of development…

Financial goal setting: Implicit vs. explicit

Gary P. Spraakman

With no conceptual basis, financial goals can only be haphazardly incorporated into the planning process. A recent survey of 60 large Canadian companies points out that…



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