Planning Review: Volume 10 Issue 2


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For G.E., planning crowned with success

Steve M. Cohen

Innovation remains the catchword at General Electric Co., but the means of its achievement depend not only on developing new products or services, it depends also on a…

Managing the personality puzzle

Warren J. Keegan

Because management is the “art of the possible,” managers need to understand themselves and workers who are charged with carrying out plans. Seemingly, there is a lot of…

The rational model has led us astray

Thomas J. Peters

A recent Fortune article went for the jugular, “Management consultants and business planners share a dirty little secret. Ninety percent of all strategies fail to get…

An appropriate time horizon: Now vs. then

Clark E. Chastain

AN appropriate time span reflects a balance between near‐term and long‐term factors. Strong pressures are placed on organizations in our competitive society for quick…

The internationalization of Japanese management

Tadashi Mito

As scholars and business leaders the world over have come to realize that Japanese products equal or surpass in both quality and price the best that other advanced…

Enhancing the economic forecast

John J. Casson

Economic forecasts play indispensable roles in organizational decision making. The revenue and expenditure figures contained in annual budgets and long‐range plans are…



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