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Table Of Contents: Volume 8 Issue 3

Current Survey of Reference Sources of Australia

Dietrich H. Borchardt, John Thawley

The Australian publishing industry continued to expand during the period under review and the last six months of 1979 witnessed a record number of books published in…

Current Survey of Reference Sources in Chemistry

Arthur Antony

The chemistry librarian has been better served by professional literature than any other subject specialist in the library, except perhaps the medical librarian. A new…

Survey of Current Political Science Reference Sources

Jean Herold

The effect of government on our lives is evident when we read newspapers or magazines, watch television or listen to the radio. At the international, national, and local…

How the International Business Directories Compete: A Comparative Review

Elizabeth J. Wood

Americans are increasingly aware that international business affects their lives. Consider the furor over foreign automobile imports or the concern about foreigners buying…

Getting Started in Women's Studies: A Comparative Review of Some Basic Bibliographies

Beth Stafford

The publication rate and volume of bibliographies on women's studies in the past ten years have grown dramatically. As an interdisciplinary field of scholarship, women's…

Espionage: A Guide to Reference Sources

Bernard A. Block

The reader who ventures vicariously or otherwise into the murky world of spies and spying will quickly discover a semantic confusion in which the terms “espionage” and…

Reference Serials

Julia E. Miller

This column has always intended to provide in‐depth, comparative reviews of abstracting services, indexes, serial bibliographies, yearbooks, directories, almanacs and…



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