Reference Services Review: Volume 46 Issue 4

Reference and instructional services for libraries in the digital age


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Survey of modern language research guides: a window on disciplinary information literacy

Carl A. Lehnen, Terri Artemchik

This study aims to use research guides as a window to disciplinary information literacy in the field of modern language studies from a librarian’s point of view. Informed…

Visual literacy: academic libraries address 21st century challenges

Judith Schwartz

This paper aims to explore a study that examines the role of academic librarians who teach visual literacy within their information literacy curricula.


Framing first-year writing course guides: a content analysis

Glenda M. Insua

The purpose of this study is to determine the extent to which first-year writing course guides contain instructional content and whether the ACRL Framework for information…

Ask a guybrarian: work experiences of male librarians

Robert Perret

While gender and librarianship is a perennially popular topic of research, relatively little has been published on the work experiences of male librarians. What does exist…

Let’s chat: the art of virtual reference instruction

Sandy Hervieux, Nikki Tummon

This study aims to evaluate the instances of information literacy instruction within the virtual reference system of a Canadian university library.


Mapping information literacy using the Business Research Competencies

Heather A. Howard, Nora Wood, Ilana Stonebraker

Librarians in higher education have adopted curriculum mapping in an effort to determine where effective information literacy instruction can help fill gaps in the…

Saudi students, American academic library: revisited

Abiodun I. Ibraheem, Christopher Devine, Safiyyah Scott

This study aimed to use both quantitative and qualitative methods for assessing Saudi Arabian students’ experiences in using the library of a small American university and…

Mining reference chat transcripts to analyze noise complaints

Jason M. Vance

This case study provides a new methodology for examining patron-initiated noise complaints in academic libraries by mining virtual reference chat transcript logs. The…

Chatting while you work: Understanding chat reference user needs based on chat reference origin

Thomas Stieve, Niamh Wallace

To understand chat reference user needs at the University of Arizona Libraries, this study aims to analyze the differences in READ (Reference Effort Assessment Data…

The information literacy and continuous professional development practices of teachers at a Jewish Day School

Aviel Cogan, Konstantina Martzoukou

The purpose of this study is to investigate how in-service teachers within the context of an American Jewish day school perceive, practice and develop Information Literacy…

Library instruction and information literacy 2017

Anna Marie Johnson, Amber Willenborg, Christopher Heckman, Joshua Whitacre, Latisha Reynolds, Elizabeth Alison Sterner, Lindsay Harmon, Syann Lunsford, Sarah Drerup

This paper aims to present recently published resources on information literacy and library instruction through an extensive annotated bibliography of publications…

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