Reference Services Review: Volume 46 Issue 2

Reference and instructional services for libraries in the digital age


Table of contents - Special Issue: Emergent Literacies in Academic Libraries

Guest Editors: Tammy Ivins, Sylvia Tag

Supporting multimodal literacy in library instruction

M. Delores Carlito

Students interact with information in many ways throughout the day, code switching between modes depending on their needs. Educators are finally realizing that composing in more…


Toward a socio-contextual understanding of transliteracy

Amanda Hovious

The purpose of this paper is to explore the emerging concept of transliteracy from the perspective of literacy as a socially constructed and contextual practice.

Nurturing critical consumers and producers of narrative media

Jennie Goforth, Winifred Fordham Metz, Kelsey Hammer

Academic libraries have long housed multimedia centers filled with digital media production equipment and software. All too frequently faculty members and students alike have…

Media literacy and newspapers of record

Scottie Kapel, Krista D. Schmidt

The purpose of this paper is to describe the challenges associated with identifying newspapers of record for local, regional and national newspapers, specifically as those…

Of primary importance: applying the new literacy guidelines

Janet Hauck, Marc Robinson

Written by a librarian and history professor, the purpose of this paper is to describe a collaborative, primary source literacy project and report its effectiveness in teaching…

Functional diversity literacy

JJ Pionke

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the problematic nature of librarian attitudes toward people with disabilities and how a language change to the use of the term…

Identifying information need through storytelling

Maria R. Barefoot

The purpose of this paper is to explore the use of multicultural narratives from the website Humans of New York in a one credit information literacy course to teach concepts of…

Thinking outside the box: a critical literacy collaborative

Vivian Bynoe, Anne Katz

This paper aims to discuss the practical application of critical librarianship through a critical literacy framework using a Teaching and Learning Grant. The purpose of this…

Library roles in advancing graduate peer-tutor agency and integrated academic literacies

Sarah McDaniel

This paper aims to apply integrated academic literacies and threshold concepts constructs to the development of graduate student literacies. Western Washington University has…

An interlocking and interdependent ecology: The intersection of scientific and information literacies

Rebecca Zuege Kuglitsch

This study aims to explore the potential areas of overlap and reinforcement between critical science literacy and information literacy. As an awareness of the limitations of…

Applying spatial literacy to transform library space: a selected literature review

Juliet Kerico Gray, Melissa Burel, Marlee Graser, Karen Gallacci

The purpose of this paper is to review a selection of articles and books that highlight aspects of spatial theory and literacy from various disciplinary perspectives, along with a…

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