Reference Services Review: Volume 45 Issue 3

Reference and instructional services for libraries in the digital age


Table of contents - Special Issue: Transfer Students and Students in Transition: Part Two

Guest Editors: Tammy Ivins

Guiding choices: implementing a library website usability study

Troy A. Swanson, Tish Hayes, Jennifer Kolan, Kelly Hand, Susan Miller

The purpose of this study is go better understand website usability by community college students. The usability study team sought data that would help to guide in a website…


ARL instruction librarians and the one-box: a follow-up study

Ellen L. Rubenstein, Cheryl McCain, Kristal S. Boulden

The effectiveness and usability of one-boxes have been subjects of much research and debate, as librarians have worked to evaluate and improve the tools’ effectiveness and…

Tacit knowledge sharing among library colleagues: a pilot study

Margaret Burnette

This study aims to explore the nature of tacit knowledge (TK) sharing among library colleagues, with a focus on the characteristics of TK and contextual factors such as…


Through three lenses: transfer students and the library

Anna Sandelli

The aim of this paper is to examine literature related to transfer students and students in transition through three interrelated lenses: student demographics and experiences…

An interview with Rachel Mulvihill and colleagues at the university of Central Florida about the foundations of excellence transfer initiative

Tammy Ivins, Rachel Mulvihill

The purpose of this paper was to ask librarian Rachel Mulvihill (Head of Teaching and Engagement) and colleagues at University of Central Florida libraries about the Foundations…


Transfer student analysis and retention: a collaborative endeavor

Trudi Jacobson, John Delano, Linda Krzykowski, Laurie Garafola, Meghan Nyman, Holly Barker-Flynn

This paper aims to describe a multifaceted campus-wide initiative to retain transfer students that was undertaken when it was recognized that their retention rates were lower than…

The library and the common reader program: a collaborative effort to college transition

Anamika Megwalu, Christina Miller, Cynthia R. Haller

This paper aims to describe the inception and continuation of a collaborative effort between York College’s Common Reader program and the York College Library. The Common Reader…

Ensuring a level playing field: creating an information literacy exam for transfer students

Vonzell Yeager, Anne E. Pemberton

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the steps taken by the library, English faculty and administrative stakeholders to create an information literacy exam for transfer…

Use and users of the Minrva mobile app

Jim Hahn

The purpose of this paper is to investigate new undergraduate student library engagement in the Minrva mobile app during the months of May 2015 through December 2015.

Transforming for our transfers: the creation of a transfer student services librarian

Lisa R. Coats, Anne E. Pemberton

This paper aims to describe the unique library, research and information literacy skills that transfer students need, specifically at the University of North Carolina Wilmington…

Bridging the gap: Developing library services and instructional programs for transfer students at Appalachian State University

Kelly Rhodes McBride, Margaret N. Gregor, Kelly C. McCallister

The aim of this paper is to profile the evolution of library services and information literacy instruction provided for transfer students in collaboration with other campus units…


Connecting information literacy instruction with transfer student success

Mark Robison

This paper aims to investigate the academic library’s role in supporting transfer student success, specifically by providing information literacy (IL) instruction. This paper…

Assessing and meeting the information literacy needs of incoming transfer students: Implementing ACRL’s assessment in action program

Karen Stanley Grigg, Jenny Dale

The purpose of this paper is to determine the information literacy skills and needs of incoming and current transfer students.

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