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Table Of Contents: Volume 10 Issue 2

Encyclopedia of Associations

Mary Ellen Kyger Davis

The Encyclopedia of Associations is a directory of national nonprofit organizations in the United States, offering detailed information about associations in a wide…

The McGraw‐Hill Encyclopedias And Dictionaries Of Science: A Comparative Review

Larry A. Kimble

The focus of this review is the McGraw‐Hill family of science encyclopedias and dictionaries. The high quality of McGraw‐Hill science reference publications is well…

Ronald Reagan. A Bibliography

Ronald Burt De Waal

This is a comprehensive list of books, some pamphlets, and a few sound recordings about or by Ronald (and Nancy) Reagan. Collections of photographs and cartoons as well as…

Library Orientation And Instruction—1981

Hannelore B. Rader

The following annotated bibliography of materials on orienting users to libraries and on instructing them in the use of reference and other resources covers publications…

Academic American Encyclopedia: A Review Essay

Gary D. Barber

The first edition of the Academic American Encyclopedia (AAE) appeared in July, 1980. The vigorous advertising campaign preceding its initial appearance has been…

Encyclopedia Buying Guide: A to Z

Carolynne A. Sanders

An updated edition of an already owned reference tool is something a library usually acquires without much fanfare. If book budgets permit, it is purchased and replaces…

The Depository Library Inspection Program

Carol Watts

The Government Printing Office (GPO) is authorized by law to act as the primary printer and distributor of U.S. government documents for the federal government. Among its…

On‐The‐Job Training For Instruction Librarians

Marilyn Lutzker

I am concerned with the training of instruction librarians. By drawing attention to some of the differences between work at the reference desk and work in the classroom, I…



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