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Performance Management and Measurement

Table Of Contents: Volume 52 Issue 7

The relationship between trust and team performance

Ferda Erdem, Janset Ozen, Nuray Atsan

Suggests that teamworking is a critical success factor for most organizations. The study reported in this paper sought to investigate the relationship between the level of…

Training for design of experiments

Jiju Antony, Tzu‐Yao Chou, Sid Ghosh

Many industrial engineers perform one‐factor‐at‐a‐time (OFAT) experiments to examine situations of process improvement and for problem‐solving activities. However, OFAT…

An overview of frequently used performance measures

Stefan Tangen

Performance measures are often used to increase the competitiveness and profitability of manufacturing companies through the support and encouragement of productivity…

New directions: revolutionizing learning in the baking industry

Paul Davis

Bakers have a demanding, very “hands‐on” job. Persuading them to attend college for training and to acquire qualifications is not easy. This paper outlines the problems…

Computerized workplace design using CADWORK heuristics

U.J. Udosen

Presents a computerized approach to workplace design using computer aided design of workplace assembly layout (CADWORK) to design a workplace for the assembly of a product…



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