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Performance Management and Measurement

Table Of Contents: Volume 46 Issue 1

How to investigate alleged employee theft properly

Gary Tryon, Brian H. Kleiner

According to the American Institute of Criminology and Research, employee theft is responsible for over $50 billion worth of losses for both small and large businesses in…

Standard data in batch production at Rank Xerox

D.S. Barrett

Explains the reasons behind, and the methodology of, a project to introduce a systematic work measurement programme based on standard data to a particular set of…

Simulation in the office

Tony Proctor

Office administrative costs can escalate if they are not carefully controlled. Discrete event simulation is an effective tool which can be used to find more efficient ways…

End the paper chase

Anna Baines

Computer technology has improved our ability, and increased our capacity, to produce and distribute printed documents; but without effective control of document updating…



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