Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 96 Issue 5


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MAFF’s research programme on food acceptability and choice

Nicholas J. Jardine

Briefly outlines main objectives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) research programme Food Acceptability and Choice. Looks at the project portfolio and…


The role of television in the food choices of 11‐18 year‐olds

Roger Dickinson, Simon Leader

Describes the main research objectives and reports on some findings from a Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF)‐funded research project on the role of television in…


The literature on advertising and children’s food choice

Brian Young, Marion Hetherington

Reports on a 1994 Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF)‐funded review of literature on advertising and children’s food choice. Identifies and details four main…


Constraints on dietary choice: the role of income

Richard Shepherd, Claire M. Paisley, Paul Sparks, Annie S. Anderson, Susan Eley, Mike E.J. Lean

Describes work carried out on a two‐year Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF)‐funded project of the constraints on freedom of dietary choice and their implications…


Health and diet in a rural area: the construction of food choice in later life

Jeanette M. Lilley, Angela E. Johnson

Describes a study of food choice among elderly people living in a rural area. The findings reveal that knowledge about “healthy foods” in this age group is good and that people…


The nutritional implications of food choices from catering outlets

A. Eves, M. Corney, M. Kipps, M. Lumbers, M. Price, C. Noble

Reports on a study which addressed meal selection in catering outlets (e.g. school or workplace canteens) from the perspective of the caterer and consumer. Asks what foods are…


Effect of high‐energy and reduced‐energy breakfasts comprising fat‐substituted foods on appetite, satiety and subsequent nutrient intake

Sheela Reddy, David Kilcast, Christopher Thane, Nick Church

Assesses the effect of fat substitutes on satiety and subsequent food intake in men; 50 per cent of fat in pork sausages was replaced by natural fat substitutes ‐ Avicel…


How fats and carbohydrates in familiar foods contribute to everyday satiety by their sensory and physiological actions

L.A. Dibsdall, C.J. Wainwright, D.A. Booth, N.W. Read

Duodenal action of rapidly digested carbohydrate can induce an intense satiation shortly after the meal, which conditions down the volume of food eaten in the later part of the…


Vegetables and fruits: barriers and opportunities for greater consumption

David N. Cox, J. Reynolds, D.J. Mela, Annie S. Anderson, Susan McKellar, M.E.J. Lean

Reports on a three‐phase Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food‐funded study which aimed to identify beliefs and attitudes that may act as barriers to increased fruit and…


Practical approaches to increasing vegetable consumption

David Kilcast, Jo Cathro, Lynda Morris

Reports the results of a Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food‐funded research project which examined practical approaches to increasing vegetable consumption. Identifies…


Communication strategies for the effective promotion of dietary change

Paul Sparks, Monique M. Raats, Moira A. Geekie, Richard Shepherd, Claire Dale

Outlines research on the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food‐funded project Communication strategies for the Promotion of Dietary Change. With a view to general dietary…

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