Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 96 Issue 4


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Ursula Arens

Iron is found widely in the diet, but there are many factors that affect its absorption. Haem iron, found in meat, is well absorbed whereas non‐haem iron absorption is variable…


Doctors and the provision of advice on nutrition

Judy Buttriss

Summarizes some key findings from surveys conducted by the National Dairy Council to establish attitudes towards nutrition and the provision of dietary advice among GPs and the…


Retailing ‐ getting it right

Brenda Jamieson

Discusses the approach to retailing taken by J. Sainsbury plc. Notes the importance of taking into account factors such as changes in consumer attitudes and demographic changes…


Cross‐cultural aspects of eating disorders in Asian girls

Olivia Rayar, Jill Davies

Reviews a number of surveys and case reports dealing with eating disorders among Asian girls, the majority of which were conducted in areas of the UK. Makes some comparisons…


Adulteration and fraud threaten safety

Peter J. Barnes

Examines the health hazards presented by fraud in the food and drinks industry, and provides examples involving factors such as counterfeiting, re‐labelling and substitution of…


Probiotics and product innovation

David Richardson

Discusses a research project carried out by Nestlé in Lausanne to identify health‐beneficial bacteria within its collection. Shows how an exploratory research project can lead to…


The safe use of recycled and reused plastics in food contact materials ‐ part II

Carole Crockett, Sam Sumar

The use of plastic as packaging material has been increasing at an exponential rate with time over the past decades. After use, most of the plastic waste has traditionally been…

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