Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 95 Issue 6


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An investigation into the current market for fruit in the UK and the measures taken to promote an increase in consumer consumption

Jill Clarke, Anne Moran

Surveys trends in the supply and consumption of fruit in the UK,covering: the varied range of fruits available and benefits to healthassociated with them; improved transportation…


Organic confusion: sustaining competitive advantage

R.K. Hutchins, L.A. Greenhalgh

Examines marketing orientation in the organic produce sector.Presents results of a consumer survey which indicate that consumers areconfused about the meaning of the term…


Hypnotherapy as an adjunct to the dietetic management of obese patients

Evelyn Greaves, G. Tidy, R.A.S. Christie

Considers whether hypnotherapy offers a motivating supplement tomainstream dietary management, given that insufficient perseveranceundermines the response of many obese patients…


Dietary recommendations for people with rheumatoid arthritis and related disorders – a preliminary study

Mabel Blades

Reports how a study of diet in people with arthritis by use of aquestionnaire showed benefits of diet for ten of the 17 respondents.There were a number of dietary modifications…


Recipe for food safety

Denise Worsfold

Statistics show an increase in the number of family outbreaks offood poisoning. Contends that many handling techniques necessary toprevent outbreaks of food‐borne disease are…


Food on the Internet

Claire E.A. Seaman

Introduces the Internet by way of a brief history of itsdevelopment and an outline of such areas of interest as: electronicshopping; food, wine and cookery information;…


Software selection IV

Claire E.A. Seaman

Software selection features a nutrition education package aimed atschoolchildren at Key Stage 2 or lower ability pupils. The software ismost likely to be of interest to…


Chemistry in the kitchen: the chemistry of flesh foods IV

Peter Bayliss

In the UK poultrymeat has 46 per cent volume share of the primarymeat market. In particular, chicken has seen dramatic growth over 40years with 525 million broilers being consumed…


Statistics for food science III: sensory evaluation data. Part A – sensory data types and significance testing

John A. Bower

Introduces statistical methods employed in analysing sensory data.Describes significance testing and simple procedures for determinationof population characteristics in sensory…

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