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A study of the dietary habits, heights and weights of primary schoolchildren

Clive Hunt, Lynda Rigley

Over a two‐year period, 259 children, aged 8‐11 years, completed afour‐day weighed intake study. Heights and weights were also measuredfor each child and for an additional 154…


Nutritional effects of microwave cooking

Anne Lassen, Lars Ovesen

Several studies have shown that microwave cooking, if properlyused, does not change the nutrient content of foods to a larger extentthan conventional heating. In fact, suggests…


Adulteration of foods – past and present

S. Sumar, H. Ismail

The adulteration of food has progressed from being a simple meansof fraud to a highly sophisticated and lucrative business. The problemis further compounded by the lack of clear…


Fermented dairy products: an example of managing creativity?

Christopher Strugnell

Fermented dairy products are increasing in consumer acceptance;discusses two such examples – yogurt and fromage frais – indetail. Also refers to the creative side to product…


Statistics for food science I

John A. Bower

Begins an introduction to statistics for the food scientist. Aimedat the non‐mathematician, discusses the application of the statisticalapproach and introduces statistical…


Survey of pre‐school eating habits

Judy Buttriss

Examines the results of a new government survey into the eatinghabits of pre‐school children (1½‐4 ½ years).Discusses the effects on children′s health by examination of…


Chemistry in the kitchen: the chemistry of flesh foods III

Peter Bayliss

When self selecting meat, consumers rank the colour of fresh meatas being the most important criterion in their purchase decision becauseit indicates freshness, while the most…


Preventing heart disease and stroke: do women have to diet?

Arnold Barfield

The question is: should women be encouraged to reduce dietary fats– especially saturated fats – as a measure to preventcardiovascular disease (i.e. heart disease plus stroke)…

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