Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 95 Issue 2


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Undernourished students – myth or reality?

Anita Eves, Michael Kipps, Graham Parlett

Over six years, first‐year students completed weighed dietarysurveys, and their dietary intakes of a variety of nutrients weredetermined. Reports on sources of energy in the diet…


Fish oil and the immune system

David A. Hughes

Fish oil contains uniquely high amounts of n‐3 (or omega‐3)polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). N‐3 PUFA‐rich diets are associatedwith suppression of the immune system, and…


Science of food in the twenty‐first century

A.S. Ganguly

Reports on some of the points and predictions made in a lecture atthe Institute of Food Research, Norwich Laboratory Open Day.


Chemistry in the kitchen: the chemistry of flesh foods II

Peter Bayliss

The meat quality attribute of texture is ranked as the mostimportant by consumers. Details the mechanism of the major causes ofmeat toughness. Examines pre‐slaughter…


Inserting new genes into plants

Monica Winstanley

Discusses applications of genetic engineering including some whichare already used commercially. Outlines some of the technicalcomplexities of gene transfer in plants. Touches on…


Trans‐fatty acids: an introduction

Kathy M. Holley, Paul S. Phillips

Fats and oils contain triglycerides that are esters formed betweenthe alcohol glycerol and fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids containcarbon‐carbon double bonds. For such a…


Software selection III

Claire Seaman

Software selection features various computer software packageswhich are of interest to those working in the areas of food sciences andnutrition. Discusses two nutrition education…


Physical methods for the identification of irradiated foodstuffs

R. Rahman, A.K.M.M. Haque, S. Sumar

Reviews the various physical methods available for the detection ofirradiated foods in the areas of: measuring changes in physicalproperties; luminescent detection; and electron…


Infant feeding

Dilys Wells

Summarizes some of the topics addressed at the National DairyCouncil conference “Nutrition and the Growing Cycle”.Describes the recommendations of the DoH report Weaning and

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