Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 94 Issue 5


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The National Food Guide: The Tilted Plate Performs Best, but What Do the Health Educators Think?

Paula Hunt, Sue Gatenby, Mike Rayner

As part of its research into a National Food Guide (NFG) for the UK, theHealth Education Authority reveals an experimental methodology intoconsumers′ understanding and recall of…


Dietary Fat – Weighing up the Pros and Cons

T.A.B. Sanders

Reviews the latest thinking regarding fat and health in the light of the1993 FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on “The Role of Oils and Fats in HumanNutrition”. Outlines the role of fat…


Five a Day? Factors Affecting Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Scotland

Annie S. Anderson, David Marshall, Mike Lean, Ann Foster

Compared with the rest of the UK, the Scots have a particularly poorreputation for eating fruit and vegetables. The reasons for this arevaried and thought to relate to climate…


Influence of Nutrition Information on the Attitudes and Knowledge of Dieters

Anita Eves, Sigrid Gibson, David Kilcast, David Rose

Reports a study in which a structured questionnaire was used to elicitthe attitudes and knowledge of 451 women (18‐35 years), 217 dieters and234 non‐dieters to nutritional issues…


Fad Diets – Health Implications

Jill Davies

With the knowledge that body mass index (BMI) exceeding 30 is increasingin Britain, explores various good diets, popular throughout the century,e.g. The Hay Diet, Hollywood 18‐day…


Chemistry in the Kitchen – Fruit and Vegetables 1

Paul Ainsworth

Investigates the factors which determine the quality attribute oftexture. Discusses the contribution the various types of plant cellsmake to the texture of fruit and vegetables…


Factors Influencing Food Choice among Ethnic Minority Adolescents

Nasira Sheikh, Jane Thomas

Describes an exploratory study among Asian and English teenagersattending a West London comprehensive school, using food diaries, ageneral questionnaire and in‐depth interviews to…

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