Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 94 Issue 3


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A Milk Shake‐up: The Proposed Demise of the Milk Marketing Boards

Joan P. Alcock

The Milk Marketing Boards were established in 1933 in order to ensure aregular collection of milk from farmers and a reliable delivery of milkto customers. They perfected a…


The “Eating for Pregnancy” Helpline Service

Hilary Dimond, Fiona Ford, Robert Fraser

Provides details on one of the functions of the Centre for PregnancyNutrition at the University of Sheffield, namely the running of anationwide helpline service (the “Eating for…


Constipation: Not Just Fibre

Jill Davies

Addresses the problem of defining the term “constipation”. Brieflydiscusses the role of dietary fibre as a cause for concern in theaetiology of the disorder and highlights the…


The Intake and Acceptance of Fat in the Diet

D.J. Mela

Fat consumption in the UK has remained stable at 40 per cent of energyintake for the past 25 years, despite widely publicized recommendationsfor reductions. Briefly reviews some…


The Chemistry of Flour and Bread

David Patient, Paul Ainsworth

Concentrates on the type and importance of flour proteins by discussingtheir structure and evaluating their function in bread making. Intendsto introduce the reader to some of the…


Creation of a Food Policy Database

Stephen J. Fallows

Describes the establishment of a computer‐based database on UK andEuropean policy and describes the structure and the mechanisms throughwhich information is added to the database…


Software Selection

Claire Seaman

The first in a new series which provides up‐to‐date information oncomputer software which is of interest to those working in the areas offood and nutrition. Deals with a…


What Do 14 to 16‐year‐olds Know and Think about Biotechnology?

Roger Lock

The knowledge and attitudes of GCSE students towards biotechnology andgenetic engineering were investigated in a survey of 118 14 to16‐year‐old students. One‐third of the sample…


Dietary Advice for African‐Caribbean People with Diabetes

Azmina Govindji

The prevalence of diabetes in the African‐Caribbean community appears tobe 2.2 per cent. Discusses the main dietary recommendations for diabetesand outlines meal patterns but…

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