Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 92 Issue 2


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Nutritional and Environmental Issues in Fast Food

Stuart Price, John Lawson

The fast food industry has become a focus of media criticism forits apparent lack of interest in environmental and nutritional issues.Demonstrates the scale of the industry′s…


The Action of Dietary Fibre on Satiety

Victoria J. Burley

As the proportion of the UK population who may be consideredoverweight or obese is increasing, questions about the impact of foodsand food constituents upon appetite and satiety…

Dielectric Heating for Food Processing

P.L. Jones

Discusses applications of microwave and radio frequency technologyin the food industry. It is used for heating – either for morerapid drying than conventional technology or to…

Nutrition, Social Status and Health

Dilys Wells

Reports a symposium designed to help health professionals in theirroles as advisers of healthy eating and nutrition in the community. Thesymposium highlighted new research in the…


Helen Conn

Umami (the so‐called fifth basic taste in addition tosweet, sour, salt and bitter) is the descriptive term given to glutamatefound naturally in foods or added as the…

The Story of the Flora Project: FOR HEART DISEASE PREVENTION

The Flora Project for Heart Disease Prevention began 20 years ago when in mid‐1970 Burson‐Marsteller was approached by Van den Berghs & Jurgens, the major UK margarine…

Food Safety

The 1980s have seen a constant rise in the number of reported cases of food‐poisoning, with a concomitant rise in certain types of food‐borne diseases. Whatever the reasons for…


Enjoy Healthy Eating has been produced by the Health Education Authority to convey the information to the general public that was included in the scientific report of the…

An Apple a Day?

John Durant, Assistant Director of the Science Museum presented a paper on the public understanding of advice on healthy eating as the British Nutrition Foundation's annual…



Results of the National Food Survey for the household consumption of food during the third quarter of 1991 have recently been released. Expenditure on food bought for domestic…

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