Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 92 Issue 1


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Nina Hughes

Describes how and where we perceive the sense of taste, thetraditional four basic taste sensations, and why different parts of themouth are more or less sensitive to a particular…

The Awareness and Reactions of the Food Chain to Healthy Eating

Jan Darrall

Outlines research investigating the awareness and reactions of thefood chain to the healthy eating trends and reports based onquestionnaires to 684 farmers, companies and…

Freshness and Acceptability of Perishable Foodstuffs:NOVEL SENSOR TECHNOLOGY FOR CONTINUOUS MONITORING

Colin L. Honeybourne

Briefly describes the modes of microbial attack on meat stores inthe presence of oxygen; reference is also made to citrus fruits.Describes simply the technology of two different…

Foreign Matter in Food

Dave Lewis

Deals with the identification of foreign objects found in food.Explains the importance of tracing the origins of these complaints andidentifies the likely sources. Uses…


David A.T. Southgate

Translating the conceptual basis of dietary fibre into a definitionthat can be used as the basis for practicable analytical methods hasbeen a matter for considerable debate…

Infra‐red Heating and Food Processing

John Driscoll

Highlights the lack of detailed published information on the use ofinfra‐red heating in food processing in the UK. Provides a number ofanswers based on conclusions from a recent…

Research for Food Safety

Stephen Fallows

Focuses on food safety, food quality and nutrition and the Ministryof Agriculture, Fisheries and Food′s (MAFF) responsibility to maintain acomplete awareness of developments in…

Folic Acid and Neural Tube Defects

Scientists have long suspected that deficiencies of folic acid may contribute to defects such as spina bifida and hydrocephalus, both known as neural tube defects. Twenty‐five…

Postgraduate Diploma in Food Control

The Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) has recently announced its new Postgraduate Diploma in Food Control. The diploma and its modular training programme have been…

Swiss Cheese

In Switzerland large cheeses are not made in big factories but by small village dairies, about 1,600 of them, throughout the country. Nearly one‐third of the country's annual milk…

History of MARMITE Yeast Extract

One of the great British traditions, MARMITE yeast extract is still a favourite spread on bread and toast, with a unique and savoury flavour which is enjoyed by adults and…


QUORN. Since its introduction in 1985 an estimated 12 million Quorn meals have been sold. Today there are over 40 chilled and frozen recipe dishes available ranging from ethnic…


What's in a Sausage answers some of the questions which the consumers of the 300,000 tonnes of sausages eaten annually in the UK may like to know. It explains the statutory amount…

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