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Tesco's nutrition labelling scheme points the way to healthier eating At the beginning of 1985, Tesco announced the introduction of a new food labelling system for their own brand…

Healthier eating on the menu

John Cooper

The COMA Report recommended food manufacturers to meet the challenge of producing certain traditional foods with more healthy formulations than before. Manufacturers have been…

Putting a figure on dietary fibre

Colin Berry

Imagine Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norkey arriving at the summit of Everest (29,029 ft) in 1953, only to discover that they were standing on several thousand feet of ice…

The British Food Fiasco

Have your friends and relations made you feel just a little bit cranky as you brought out an ever increasing variety of beans and peas, crossed most saturated fats off your…

Juicy Jaffas

Citrus fruits have a refreshing taste because of their high water content and presence of the weak but sharp tasting citric acid. Because they have a high water content, they have…


Susan Holmes

Food may look attractive and taste delicious and yet it can still be the cause of acute illness and even death if it has not been prepared, stored and served with the right amount…


Numerous causes of taint in foods have been investigated at the Food Research Institute, Norwich over the years. This report is based on an inaugural lecture given by D.G. Land to…

Enough's enough: Large doses of some water soluble vitamins can be dangerous

Conventional wisdom holds that because excessive amounts of water‐soluble vitamins are excreted in the urine, they are non‐toxic. Nonetheless, more recent findings suggest that…

Oxfam energy biscuits

Many of the recent films of famine relief in Ethiopia have shown biscuits being handed out to starving people. These are the Oxfam Energy Biscuits—OEB—which were produced in…


In our January issue, we made a brief reference to the campaign mounted by the Midland branch of the British Dietetic Association to promote better nutrition in their locality…

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