Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 85 Issue 1


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Ninety years on

Karen Gunner

Nowadays millions of pounds can be spent in research, development and marketing of a new food product. Over ninety years ago, an American lawyer invented a brand new food which…

Modern marketing of food

Jeremy Bull

Marketing of food may involve up to twenty different activities from the time the food leaves the farm gate until it appears on the dining table. Nowadays food and drink producers…

A change for the better

Ann Hobiss, J. Verner Wheelock

Many hospital patients are referred to the dietitians for advice on how to change their diet in order to alleviate a specific ailment or to prevent it getting worse. It is…


The Midlands branch of the British Dietetic Association have been to town with a forceful campaign to promote better nutrition in their local communities. From Bedfordshire to…

A new look at POTATOES

Paul Finglas, Richard Faulks

During the last 30 years there have been many and dramatic changes to the pattern of potato production and distribution in the UK. Varieties and cultural techniques have changed…

Food legislation

John Downer

The commands of God which control the eating habits of orthodox Jews even today are given in the early books of the Old Testament in amazing detail. The criminal law which governs…


Brian Pote‐Hunt

‘Sparkle’ was set up at The Polytechnic of North London as a Manpower Services Commission, Community Programme to promote health and recreation at the grass roots level of the…

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