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supermarket exotica

Janet Kaye

To Samuel Pepys the orange was a novelty about which he had reservations. What would he have made of the amazing array of foreign fruits and vegetables on display in our modern…

National food survey: past and present

Judith D. Frank

The National Food Survey (NFS) is a continuously operating survey which enquires into the food consumption and expenditure of a sample of households in Great Britain. The survey…

Nutrient links—the interrelationship between different dietary components

Ivan M. Sharman

It is well known that the human body requires many different nutrients for its growth and healthy maintenance. Some nutrients are required in relatively large amounts, namely the…

When is a vitamin NOT a vitamin?

Andrew Youngs

Vitamin C is well known in a nutritional context for being one vital component of the mixed diet we all need for survival. But vitamin C also has value in influencing the…


Susan Holmes

Is food allergy one of the trials of the twentieth century, or is its apparently common occurrence mainly due to improved diagnosis?


Dorothy Hollingsworth

My way of eating is the result of experience in my childhood home, my training as a dietitian and work in the wartime Ministry of Food. Recent advice from NACNE about modification…

OATS ‘a grain which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people’

Alan F. Harrison

Oatmeal is widely identified with Scottish food and indeed is its culinary leit‐motiv for the many tourists who visit a proud land. Sadly, however, Scotland has turned its back on…

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