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In a bit of a stew… : or consumer research on meat

Are housewives in a bit of a stew when it comes to choosing the best way to cook meat?


Speaking about the dangers of a high salt intake at a recent press conference, Professor Arnold Bender explained that 100 grams of salt is a fatal amount, yet the average intake…

A comeback for green vegetables

Irene Finch

We now have three good reasons for stressing the use of dark green leafy vegetables (dgv for short):


E. Carlson, M. Kipps, J. Thomson

Many case studies on minority ethnic groups have been concerned with the social, structural and economic patterns of these communities. Knowing how these patterns have influenced…

Gluten Part2

J. David Schofield

The biochemical basis for differences in wheat protein functionality A great deal of research has been carried out to try to determine, in chemical terms, why wheat proteins are…

SWEET TALK: Dr. Sweet‐tooth

Patricia Newman, writer and researcher in the education department of Central television, won £500 in the specialist contribution section of the Van den Berghs & Jurgens Nutrition…


Sundae treat. On a sunny day outing most British people prefer to refresh themselves with a drink at a pub and an ice cream according to research published in the ninth Wall's…

Putting good nutrition into practice

Donald W. Sarll

Each of us is born with a stock of health, much of whose value depends on how well our mothers fed and conducted themselves during pregnancy. As we grow up we become progressively…

Fruits of Antiquity Figs

David Gunston

The fig has strong claim to be one of the first, if not the first of fruits cultivated by man. We are told of the important role fig‐leaves played in the Garden of Eden, and the…

Mushrooms— how many do we buy and how do we use them?

Each year we spend more on mushrooms than we do on baked beans, French golden delicious apples, Mars bars and pot noodles. Latest estimates place annual sales of mushrooms at…


Jess Sullivan

I love food — both to cook creatively, and to enjoy eating. This, in itself makes all the knowledge I have of nutrition an occupational hazard! In recent years with the media…

World food production

The technology to abolish world hunger already exists. But the UK will have to evolve a new approach to food production if the pace of world development is to increase and…

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