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Bottle versus carton

Dilys Wells

Does the good old fashioned milk bottle have a serious rival in the disposable, one way carton? Dilys Wells examines the points in favour and some of the drawbacks of each type of…


Michael Akeroyd MA

Michael Akeroyd MA puts forward the case for stimulating children's natural curiosity at an early age to lay good foundations for their appreciation of food science in the more…

Food additives and the EEC

Lynne Parker

The period of the industrial revolution in the UK and Europe was a time of enormous social and economic changes. The domestic production of food gradually gave way to the…

Food trends: Some economic, social and technical influences

Kenneth Durham

No matter how we look at 1980 and early 1981, the picture we see must be discouraging. The scenario is one of virtually zero income growth, of high inflation, high sterling…

The National Food Survey

David Buss

The National Food Survey has been a British Institution for forty years now. It was started by the Ministry of Food in July 1940 ‘to assist the Government when considering the…

Britain's self‐sufficiency: Minister calls for still greater home food production

Recent figures released by the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food show that United Kingdom farmers and fishermen produce just over half of all food consumed in this…

Yellow fats

The taste, colour and effect of butter make it an ideal garnish for other foods, enhancing the flavour, texture and appearance of many dishes. Used in this way, butter may be…

New edible oils

A.A. McKerrigan, L. Boothby

In the oils and fats industry, development is less likely to mean the conception of entirely new food products, and more the modification of the naturally‐found oils and fats so…

Anti‐vitamin C agents


Speakers at an international symposium organised by Roche summarised the present state of knowledge about the role of vitamin C in the body and debated whether some pill takers…

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