Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 81 Issue 6


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New priorities for bread

Nathan Fisher

The report recently issued by the Department of Health and Social Security entitled Nutritional Aspects of Bread and Flour should be required reading for all concerned with the…


Richard Faulks

When the potato gained popular acceptance as a food item in the UK about 200 years ago it quickly became, and has remained, a major component of the diet. The reasons for its…

Where does our food come from?

The Government Statistical Services has recently produced data summarising sources and quantities of some main food items imported into the UK together with amounts produced by UK…


J.B. Adams

Although it causes some unavoidable loss in flavour and nutritional value, blanching is required to reduce bacterial content of the vegetables and to inactivate naturally…

Sulphur dioxide: Part 2

B.L. Wedzicha

Most foods to which sulphur dioxide is added contain significant amounts of protein and it is conceivable that reaction of the additive with disulphide groups may account for a…


Lawrence Wheatley BA

Those who read Lawrence Wheatley's articles in the January 1971 and July 1975 editions of Nutrition and Food Science may be interested to know what changes in the eating habits of…

Multiple choice tests: Analysis

Michael Akeroyd MA

A previous paper outlined a modified format for sophisticated multiple choice items and contained reference to a 40 item experimental objective examination exemplifying this…

Vitamin A and cancer

Jonathan Buckley

Every year there are 125,000 deaths from cancer in England and it seems ironic that one of the most promising cancer preventative agents to come from several decades and hundreds…

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