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Food Education Applied to Social Trends

Gwen Burman

Inter‐disciplinary direction and participation, concentrated community involvement, on‐going communication and co‐ordination are the key concepts in the Ashley Down Nutrition…

Slimming students survey

John N Auckland, Clive Hunt, MPhil, Yvette Whelbourn

John N Auckland BSc, PhD, Clive Hunt BSc, MPhil and Yvette Whelbourn describe an investigation they carried out to discover how much a certain group of students knew about some…

Testing microwave ovens

Carole L. Beddows

Microwave ovens are being used increasingly in the home for the rapid cooking and reheating of foods. Yet a recent survey in the United States has shown that ‘approximately

Food and medicine incompatability

Christine Lewis

The Royal Society of Health has a unique function in providing a meeting place for professional people of many different disciplines: dental and allied professions, environmental…

Sulphur dioxide

B.L. Wedzicha

The reactions between a food additive and the components of the food to which it is added are not restricted to the preservative action. Dr B.L. Wedzicha describes the chemical…

Mothers and children

Roger G. Whitehead, Brian Wharton

The British Nutrition Foundation's third annual conference was held recently in London. The overall theme of the conference was ‘Food and Health — A Perspective for the '80s’, and…


David Gunston

If you were passed by a BL 1.5 or 2‐litre car on the roads of Britain's Midands recently, you could have unknowingly witnessed the beginnings of a new epoch in transport: flower…

Developments in ANOREXIA NERVOSA

G.I. Szmukler

It is not known how many adolescents enter and emerge from a period of perhaps mild anorexia nervosa without its recognition or treatment. Doctors probably see only the most…

More multiple choice

Michael Akeroyd MA

Sophisticated 5 choice multiple items of the type described below are common in ‘A’ level pure science examinations but less popular in Applied variety. One reason might be that…

Home EconomicS Convention'81

This seventeenth Home Economics Convention reflects the constantly broadening spectrum of subject material relevant to the modern home economist, and our speakers are specially…

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