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Labelling legislation

Background to the current legislation provided by the National Consumer Council

EEC food laws

Draft Regulations for the EEC Food Labelling Directive have recently been laid before parliament. Most of these Regulations come into operation on 1st January 1981

Nutrition labelling

New Recommendations on Nutrition Labelling The Food Standards Committee's Second Report on Claims and Misleading Descriptions was published in March this year. The Report is the…

RATS: a world wide challenge to mankind

David Gunston

It is said that when rats outnumber human beings civilisation collapses. The signs of decay from this truly appalling cause may not yet be evident, but it is a long‐attested fact…

The by‐products of BREWING

W.R. Hyde, J.D.F. Penrose

There is the proverbial contention that on killing a pig, nothing is wasted except the squeak and it can be claimed that the wastage of the materials input of beer is almost…

The French experience

Françoise Buhl

The French experience of nutritional education of the public was outlined by Madame Françoise Buhl (French Committee on Health Education, Paris). In 1975, a prevention programme…


With the rising cost of school meals there has been a corresponding increase in the number of children taking packed lunches. Many people who hold the view that a ‘proper’ meal…

THE UNWILLING LISTENER:some lessons from an advertising agency

Judith M. Lannon

In the March/April issue of Consumer Affairs which reported the EEC Symposium of Food, Food Technology and Nutrition Labelling held in London earlier this year, John McKenzie is…

Lamb bonanza

Anne Dare

The British are the second largest consumers of lamb in the EEC — the Irish being the greatest eaters — with consumption at around 7 kg per head per year, from a current sheep…

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