Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 80 Issue 4


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Feeding the Vietnamese in the UK

Eleanor Carlson, Michael Kipps, James Thomson

Although a host country may offer a safe home to refugees, it may not be able to offer them their native foods. In fact the hosts may know very little about the refugees' staple…

Malnutrition among the elderly

John Kemm

Classical nutritional deficiency diseases are exceedingly rare in the elderly in this country, while other diseases such as ischaemic heart disease, respiratory disease…


Ellen C.G. Grant

Regular migraine attacks are a curse, an agony suffered once a week, or even more often, by countless thousands of people. Certain foods are known to trigger off attacks in some…

Temperature and heat changes during cooking

Roger Collison

During cooking, a complex series of physical and chemical changes takes place. These vary according to the commodity and cooking method but may include changes in moisture, fat…

Microwaves and meat

Microwave cookers have introduced a new concept in cooking. Especially when used in conjunction with the domestic freezer, the microwave oven cuts food preparation time, physical…

The Superdiet Computer

Paul Gamble, Roger Gentry, Michael Kipps

Recognising a problem of calculation. Anyone who has had to analyse a diet using the data from food composition tables, will know that by far the most time in the project was…

50 years of frozen foods

Older readers may remember the time when peas were vegetables that you ate for only a few short weeks in the summer, and really fresh fish was one of the joys of living, or…

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